Queering The Map (https://queeringthemap.com/) is a community-generated counter-mapping platform for LGBTQ2I+ moments, memories, and histories in relation to physical space. The intent of the project is to collaboratively archive the cartography of queer memory, from park benches to the middle of the ocean — in order to preserve our histories and unfolding realities, which continue to be invalidated, contested, and erased. From collective action to coming out stories, encounters with violence to moments of rapturous love, Queering the Map functions as a living archive of queer feeling. By mapping out queer experience in its intersectional permutations, the project works to create affinity across difference and beyond borders. At the time of writing, Queering The Map is home to over 72, 000 stories of queer joy, pain, and resistance, in 23 languages, from across the world.

"Queering The Map: ON_SITE" (http://queeringthemap-on.site/) is a public program that includes a series of workshops, performances, a publication, and an exhibition that translates the virtual world of Queering The Map into a physical location. In an effort to encourage a collaborative, messy, and contradictory curatorial vision, visitors will be invited to contribute to and alter the exhibition by interacting with stories from the platform that resonate with them. What new relationships are possible within and through the digital archive of Queering The Map, when its contents leap from the screen and can be touched and reconfigured? What might it feel like to move through a world animated by queer pasts and presents and what futurities might emerge from this kind of knowledge? How can the digital community generated by the project be activated in real time?

"Queering The Map: ON_SITE" will be activated by a series of workshops and an evening of performances that deepen and complicate the format of the digital platform and the themes it explores. The programming topics include; digital self-defense for marginalized communities, counter-cartography through beadwork, mapping desire through movement, a drag queen story hour, a latin partner dance class, self-reflection through hip hop, recontextualizing personal histories through affirmative autoethnography, prototyping to materialize possible futurities, and strategies for deepening interspecies kinship.

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