Get Radical! A Seminar in Community Organizing is a semester-long, hands-on workshops series about building social movements from the ground up. Eleven dynamic 2-3 hour weekly sessions will provide you with a range of practical skills, from finding money to finance your campaigns to honing your media skills, all with the goal of fostering meaningful engagement with relevant socio-political issues in our communities.

-Cybersecurity for Activists-
The purpose of this workshop is to help members of marginalized communities, particularly artists and activists, to develop online self-defense tools to improve their own safety and privacy on the web. Through this, we are attempting to reclaim agency over our spaces, lives, and communities, both online and offline. We will cover basic “low-tech” security techniques related to one’s online presence, as well as techniques to counteract cyber harassment and online attacks (legal recourse, damage-control, self-care). This introductory workshop will not cover deeper cybersecurity concerns such as government surveillance and the gathering of information by corporate entities.

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