Since 2007, the International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) is ELEKTRA’s professional gathering. MIAN hosts major international players from the digital scene in order to stimulate our local artists outreach, as well as foster new collaborations.
These encounters are held each year as part of ELEKTRA festival. Therefore, they take the form of short presentationsduring which international guests, whether they are curators, presenters or journalists, describe their activities and local artists and organizations share the works and projects they want to promote abroad.
In addition to attending ELEKTRA’s artistic activities, MIAN guests also participate in a series of visits of Montreal's top cultural sites: research and creative laboratories, artists' studios, museums and galleries in addition to the main centers of digital art in Montréal.
The cultural and economic benefits of the market are significant as it promotes the distribution of a multitude of Canadian works outside the country.

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