Encrypt Your Nudes! is a 101 cybersecurity guide for women and genderqueer folks. This zine offers a comprehensive look at easy ways to stay safe online using low-tech and accessible solutions.

I also have a workshop under the same name:

"The web offers a unique environment for queers, women, and marginalized people to grow and create communities. But these spaces often find themselves under attack from conservative and hateful groups. The purpose of this workshop is to help members of marginalized communities develop self-defense tools to improve their own safety and privacy on the web. This endeavour aims to reclaim agency over those spaces, lives, and communities both online and offline. The workshop will cover basic low-tech security techniques related to one’s online presence as well as techniques to counteract cyber harassment and online attacks (legal recourse, damage-control, self-care). This introductory workshop will not cover deeper cybersecurity concerns such as government surveillance and the gathering of information by corporate entities. This workshop is based on the zine Encrypt Your Nudes!."

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