Digital spellcasting: setting intentions thru data

Calling all poets, witches, hackers and queers. The web is full of mysteries and contradictions: ephemeral yet permanent, intangible yet real. It is home to outcasts and rebels. A battleground for witch hunts and wars. What kind of spirits hide in its depths? In this workshop, we will be trying out TECHWITCH's new web tool: the Digital Spellcaster. Together, we will write and create spells of all sorts using digital matter. Hexing Trump's twitter and cleansing mp3s of memories of our exes. Come meet us where the "real", the queer and the magical cross paths. This workshop requires absolutely no experience.

be)longing is a by and for QTBIPOC arts festival bringing together inter-generational QTBIPOC communities from  tio’tia:ke/Montreal and beyond.

Through (be)longing we want to create a temporary utopian space in which QTBIPOC communities can actively imagine a future where we can thrive in our hearts, spirits and bodies, without discrimination, hatred and threats to our survival. 

(be)longing aims to give our communities control over their narratives, their art, their truths and their future. In bringing together a diverse programming over the span of 10 days, (be)longing is an exercise of the imagination, the realization of a collective vision of QTBIPOC futurities where we engage with the aftermath of colonial histories. 

Through this festival, we seek justice, we seek healing, and we seek self- and collective-empowerment. We explore themes and conversations that are threaded in the fabric of our everyday lives in order to imagine what a utopian future might look like. We engage with diasporic loss, colonial violence, imagined homelands, cultural alienation etc. as they relate to our sexual and gendered experiences of being queer and/or trans. Through this festival, we also deepen our understanding of the histories of these lands and honour the traditional keepers of these territories. 

(be)longing is a collaboration between Project 10Our Bodies, Our Stories: a qtbipoc arts mentorship programArticule and SistersInMotion MTL.

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