The SadBot is a little poem-reader bot that likes to read poems with its robot voice. It can read any text you write down for it. When it reads, it likes to express how it feels about the text by displaying gifs to its audience. However, it's just a robot, so it needs a little bit of help from the author to know how to interpret the text.

Basically, I wrote a little “programming language” that tells the robot how to feel about certain things it reads. It has three main emotions: joy, anger, and sadness. Each emotion exists on three levels (low, medium, high) and can coexist together: happy but a little sad = melancholy, medium-high sad and medium-high angry = aggrieved. The language uses simple symbols (see chart bellow) to add and remove "emotion points" to each line which follows. I’ve used Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise as an example.

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