A Place To Remember is an interactive installation and storytelling environment. Visitors are invited to step into a cozy camping tent and discover the world it holds. The interior is fully lined with black velvet and feels like a sensory deprivation tank. In it, they explore through touch. Small pads are embroidered on all side of the tent and act as controllers. As they enter, a story starts being narrated to them. The player soon discovers they are inside the head of a creature which recounts its memories. By touching in front and behind them, players are transported forwards and backwards in time through the narration. The left and right sides of the tent allow the player to navigate within a single memory. 
The installation uses soft circutis connected to a MakeyMakey which sends its input to a laptop running a processing program. The tent is decorated with talismans which I screen printed myself. The body of the tent uses canvas which I custom made. (Please forgive my lack of better pictures - they were lost in an old hard drive. R.I.P.)

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